A downplayed iPad Mini event is just what the PR doctor ordered

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JD Rucker October 13 Apple

Most are well-aware of Apple’s uncanny ability to put on a big production. They are the masters of hype when it comes to launching major products such as the iPhone 5 and the machine is able to keep the excitement going for weeks at a time when other companies often have their products fall off the map in days. What doesn’t get as much attention is Apple’s skill at the lite launch. The iPad Mini is reportedly getting a lite launch and this is the perfect strategy for it.

With dozens of quality Android devices on the market for the small tablet buyer, the iPad Mini is expected to still make a splash. It won’t be the splash that the original iPad made or anywhere near the splash that each new iPhone makes, but its a segment that Apple feels they can dominate nonetheless. However, unlike the iPad and iPhone, the iPad Mini is coming in late to the game. They do not have a built in base of buyers eager to get their hands on it. As a result, they anticipate that sales will not be as Applesque as other devices.

This makes the lite launch perfect. You never want to overstate in the world of tech launches. Hype can be a good thing, but it can also be a bad thing if you put too much hype into something that does not perform at the level the hype was supposed to create. They will unveil it. The device will sell well. They’ll make money. They’ll move on to the next full size iPad.

Despite the toned-down launch, they’re still doing it at just the right time. Assuming the October 23rd date is correct, that’s days before their earnings call and more importantly it’s days before Microsoft starts shipping its tablet.

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Written by JD Rucker

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