Car key night vision HD spy cam

HD Spy camera buttons

The nights have certainly begun to come sooner in some places it is starting to get dark as early as 5pm. That is never an easy adjustment since we get use to the comforts of summer nights and daylight being extra-long.

However, as it gets darker we need better ways of seeing in the dark and since we don’t have cat eyes, we need a gadget that is convenient, small and light-weight.

Without infrared night vision

Introducing the infrared car key night vision HD spy cam, this will help you see anything you need to in complete darkness. It is a 1080 HD camera with 8GM of memory built in, it also allows you to motion video record automatically, in case you want to set it up as a surveillance camera, or carry it around with you in your pocket or your purse.

With infrared night vision

It is meant to look like a car key when instead the buttons control the camera.

Written by Connor Livingston

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