Light up your path way with solar-powered bricks

solar-powered bricks sun bricks

Bricks on a walk-way sure do look pretty and adds to your landscape but how cool would it be if some of them lit up? That sounds like a really great idea especially when they through in the ability of it being powered by the sun.

We enjoy our gardens in the summer during the day but love barbeques at night and having every pathway that leads to a door is not always going to be as well lit as we’d like. There are those who live in colder climates that take the extra efforts of shoveling their walkways, so why not let them glisten with some added lighting.

Best part is that the Sun Bricks which are solar powered are Eco-friendly and will have you never have to worry about replacing them since the sun does all the work.

(via: inhabitat]

Written by Scarlett Madison

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