expands with apps, extras and extensions expands with apps, extras and extensions

If you have yet to experience, you are missing a really great piece of the web. This is site allows you to create original boards that you can share your content within as well as provides a feed with related content to the tags you added to your board.

This is yet another terrific way to promote your content, from videos, infographics to articles and pictures, all depending on what it is you want to share and what you share most often since the more you build up your categories the better they will be seen and people will then choose to follow your categories/boards. already has a Firefox browser plugin where you can simply add content straight from your tool bar to your profile and now have released a Chrome extension as well.

They have also released apps and extras by enabling you to add to your mobile devices, Buffer account and even including a share button on your blog or website to encourage other users to scoop your content to showcasing your own profile. is yet another way to find great content and promote yours at the same time.

Written by Scarlett Madison

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