The big screen on campus

The big screen on campus

One of the fastest growing technologies on college campuses everywhere is digital signage. Adding a sleek, modern feel, digital signs not only offer aesthetics but are able to convey important information quickly and effeciently.

From interactive whiteboards, to kiosks, to digital menu boards to scoreboards, digital signage is quickly taking over in every part of campus life. Instead of cork boards full of text books for sale and tutor’s phone numbers, everything will be organized into a simple, easy to read display that can hold much more than a few pieces of paper. Things like campus events won’t be overlooked anymore.

Safety is often a number one concern for college campuses, and getting notifications out to students quickly can make all the difference. Emergency alert systems for strong storms, security concerns, and fire can be digitally transmitted to every sign on campus ensuring that the word gets out and precautions are taken.

As of right now, 22% of school use digital signage for mass notification, and almost 50% of schools plan on employing the use of digital signage.

To learn more about how colleges are integrating digital signage into the campuses check out the infographic below presented by Digital Signage Today.

Digital Signage: Big Screen on Campus [Infographic]
Digital Signage Big Screen on Campus [Infographic]
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