A Gangnam Style wedding dance

Erin Ryan November 14 Lifestyle

Weddings… many are traditional and mimic those out of magazines and television shows (say yes to the dress), the white dress, the vows, the anticipated kiss and Gangnam Style? (Whoa wait come again?)

We have all been to our fair share of wedding rehearsals, actual weddings and receptions and although we cherish the Bride and Groom and are happy for them on their big day, many wedding’s become one big blur after a while (unless you are a wedding crasher, kudos my friend, kudos), but to the rest of us who receive the invitations and await the “big” day, we are forever the on-lookers to what feels to many like déjà vu, unless of course, you turn your wedding celebration into a surprise for the guests and entertain them, especially at the much anticipated reception.

There are not too many wedding’s that will incorporate their guests into the thought process that isn’t solely about the Bride and Groom and speaking of those two, there aren’t too many couples who want to rehearse anything more than what celebrates just the two of them. Not to mention, there aren’t too many that will take a viral video such as the Gangnam Style YouTube sensation and spend hours not only rehearsing but including the horse dance and their wedding party into the mix to dance for their attendees.

Kelly and Mario Thoma decided to do something different during their wedding reception, by using the well-known PSY dance, Gangnam Style to entertain their wedding guests during their reception.  As they approach the dance floor still in their wedding attire, the now infamous beats of Gangnam Style begin to play and the bride, groom, best man and maid of honor bust out the moves we have all come to love.

It is not every day you will see a dance party dance to what initially was an Internet sensation, luckily someone was there to record it and has now come full circle back on YouTube.

[Fact: The bride within this video, Kelly Thoma was my babysitter when I was a kid. Cool huh?]

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