A TV-styled ant aquarium

A TV-styled ant aquarium
Rocco Penn November 23 Offbeat

I remember trying to create my own ant farm while growing up after watching the teacher show us in class the fascinating Eco-system of ants. Although they are often annoying in the summer time, one cannot help but be in awe of these clever insects. Learning about how other creatures live is an essential part of growing up and gaining respect and knowledge for other living beings.

As much as I tried, I never fathomed a day where we could purchase an aquarium for ants that is not only a size of a television but is designed to look like one. The AntWorks TvQuarium developed by Fascinations will allow you or your kids to explore the world of ants as they create new territories and tunnel their way within their colony. The TVQuarium comes includes a kit with instructions on how to set it up, along with a coupon to order your ants since ants are not included.

Written by Rocco Penn

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