Facebook encourages its pages to create Holiday ads

Facebook encourages its pages to create Holiday ads

If you have yet to create an advertisement on Facebook for your Facebook page now just might be the time. Unlike any year before now, Facebook has over a billion people that you can market your brand towards buying especially during this Holiday season as Facebook is currently encouraging its pages to do.

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Creating an ad is ideal for any type of promotion and Facebook allows you to do this by targeting people by your demographic, which includes selecting the age and gender you wish to be seen by your ad. You are also able to create the ability to target those who have liked your competitors’ page as well when creating an advertisement for your Facebook Page.

Another way of extending your reach on Facebook is by promoting specific posts that will help bring awareness to any current promotions you are having, but be sure to make them more social than salesy. In addition to the two mentioned you can also create Facebook offers to share what deals people can tap into when choosing your business.

You are going to have to advertise anyways, why not do it in a more social fashion that can at least guarantee you a place where people definitely are, which means it will get seen.

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