George Takei don’t want to miss a deal Old Navy commercial

George Takei

I don’t want to close my eyes cause I’d miss Takei singing in an Old Navy commercial to an Aerosmith remake of “I don’t want to miss a thing” into “I don’t want to miss a deal”. Yep that is right, George Takei is the next celebrity in an Old Navy commercial to get you hyped up for Black Friday.

Dressed as a scientist, Takei is located at the Old Navy mission control center and is preparing for “Cheermageddon” yes, that is instead of Armageddon, a movie where the Aerosmith song gained its popularity from therefore Old Navy not only used a well-loved celebrity, they also used him in a parody of a well-known movie and song.

Is this a hit or miss?


By Connor Livingston

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