Men of Movember the mo’ gets fuller


Men, we need to support each other, for now is the crucial time our Mustaches look terrible, they are in a state of “almost there” but “not yet” stage and we need to gather around and become MO’ bro’s during this time of need.

Ladies, if you are listening help your middle of the stashe’ man out by letting him know that the mustache will get fuller and for him to hang in there, be supportive and help him get to the next level of growth during the month of Movember.

It’s not easy man, especially during the “awkward” period but Tom Selleck’s mustache didn’t grow over night, add an image of his stache to the mirror to remain inspired and get through the rough patch. (Apologies for saying patch)

Check out this mustache motivational video by MadeMen featuring Nick Offerman and some of the cast members from The Office.

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Written by Connor Livingston

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