Nothing to see here except a James Bond remote-controlled stunt car

James Bond Remote-Controlled Car
Rocco Penn November 28 Gadgets

We have all dreamed about being James Bond, with his cool attitude and easy access to a long list of amazing cars. Almost all of us have uttered the words, “Bond, James Bond” as we try to look as slick and debonair as Sean Connery did in the film, Dr. No. It wouldn’t be easy to try and match the lifestyle of 007, but the James Bond Remote-Controlled Stunt Car can at least make pretending to be like him more fun.

This miniature version of Bond’s Aston Martin car lets you pop wheelies, drive up ramps, and lift the front and rear wheels off the ground using a small wheel that extends out from the undercarriage. These awesome features are controlled by a sleek looking remote that even has a button for you to play the James Bond theme song, all while you outrun the bad guys of course.

Written by Rocco Penn

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