Technology takes us back to 150 years of Macy’s memories

Macy's Parade

What would a Thanksgiving tradition be without the Thanksgiving Parade hosted by the popular store we know as Macy’s?

Every year we huddle around the TV to watch the giant floats, marching bands and share in the delight of generations past and present.

Macy’s department store has been with us through the years for 150 to be exact and has played a bigger role in our lives than just “another” store. Even today they sponsor dances on the popular television show, Dancing with the Stars and remain relevant even after all these years.

Although they have been around for many years they have always included themselves within what we enjoy and even if we flip between football and the Macy’s parade, it is a tradition we cherish every Thanksgiving, including today.

Let’s watch a commercial in which Macy’s takes us through the years.

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Written by Connor Livingston

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