Temperature tiles that bloom with color

Temperature tiles that change color

Bathrooms can be so mundane yet we spend a good amount of time within them, especially every morning when we shower. Wouldn’t it be nice to add some character to your shower? Enabling it to change colors much like a mood ring, yet it is based on temperature within your shower that will then choose the color of your tiles.

You can also use the same tiles for your walls, floors and counter tops, enabling you to customize or choose the activation of the tiles based on three effects that shimmer. You can choose for the auto-temperature to change the coloring of the tiles between 6-10 degrees and once the room temperature changes the tiles will automatically turn back to its original color.

Tiles changing color by Temperature

This unique design is individually hand made from recycled glass, giving you a truly one of a kind piece of art to add to your bathroom.

Written by Connor Livingston

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