Would the Instabridge app be successful in North America?

Instabridge Mobile WiFi App

In today’s digital world, advancements in technology are constantly being developed and new gadgets are being placed on the market at a rapid pace. We have the ability to be online, while at home or on the go, and there have been several improvements made to the Internets speed over time. However, the way in which many of us connect to the internet, via Wi-Fi, has somehow been left behind, but the mobile app Instabridge, is hoping to change this and bring connecting to Wi-Fi from our mobile phones into the new digital age.

Founded in 2012 and based out of Sweden, the Instabridge app offers users the ability to connect to their friends Wi-Fi without having to try and find a network in their mobile settings or give out their internet password. We have all been in the situation where we either can’t remember the password or don’t necessarily want to give it out to everyone we allow to use our internet. Instabridge lets you easily share your Wi-Fi connection with friends and allows your friends to share theirs with you.

The Instabridge app can be found in Google Play and once it is downloaded, you will need to choose a network and input your Wi-Fi password in order to confirm the connection is yours to use. Once the information is added to the app, you must login to Facebook to select which friends you want to grant access to your Wi-Fi connection. A notification will be sent to each of the selected friend’s phones and once it is accepted by them, their mobile device will then connect to your Wi-Fi when they come for a visit. Your friends can also select you to access their Wi-Fi when you visit them if they too have downloaded this app.

If you are at a restaurant or café and your friends who are at the café with you have the Instabridge app on their phone too, than only one of you will need to connect to the Wi-Fi offered by the establishment and everyone will be sent a notification that will instantly connect them to it too.


Unfortunately, the Instabridge app is currently only available in the Nordics and Baltics; however, if you wish to be notified when it comes to your region they encourage you to email their team.

Do you think this app would be successful in North America?

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