A Coca-Cola can mini fridge for your Coca-Cola beverages

A Coca-Cola can mini fridge for your Coca-Cola beverages
Rocco Penn December 4 Gadgets

When it comes to fizzy drinks there is nothing better than an ice cold can of Coca-Cola, it goes great with burgers and fries to steak and potatoes. Although many may debate this, Coca-Cola usually wins and speaking of winning, you need to check out this mini Coca-Cola can fridge that will hold your drinks for you.

This unique looking mini fridge that is shaped like a Coca-Cola can will hold 8 12-ounce cans or 4 12 ounce cans and one 2litre thanks to its removable shelf. Or if you want something heated up you can too since it allows that option as well. It comes with a 12-volt adapter and a 120-volt home adapter so you can take it with you when you are away or put it anywhere within your home.

Written by Rocco Penn

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