A remote control bottle opener

A remote control bottle opener
Rocco Penn December 10 Gadgets

Men gather around as I announce to you one of the most genius integrations to one of the most popular gadgets known to man, the remote control.

We love cracking open a beer or two amongst friends or as we unwind from our hectic days after work and especially if sports are broadcasting upon our screens (clearly not the NHL.) This invention is loooooong overdue and makes me wonder why on earth it has taken this long for the remote control to have a bottle opener built in is beyond me.

But it has finally happened and this is one invention no man here on out should live without. The 2 in 1 TV Remote and Bottle Opener, Clicker prevents us from having to search for a bottle opener, since it is all too often we lose it or misplace it, that or the remote. So to have to only search for one is ideal if we have to search at all. Grab your six pack, sit, turn the TV on and crack open your beverage of choice. Men everywhere let us rejoice! (Women too, women too.)

Written by Rocco Penn

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