Adorkable foldable 3D printable avatars

Adorkable foldable 3D printable avatars
Rocco Penn December 13 Design


Let’s be honest, no one loves us more than ourselves. We think we are great, superb, fantastic… so much so that we would love to have another version of us to hang out with, even if it didn’t talk, we’re still fabulous. allows you to print or order a 3D cut out of you, yep, you can make you into a little paper doll your sister use to play with, except this time, you would be 3D and able to conquer all other paper dolls, muahahaha, yes you are THAT fantastic. You can also add features like a mustache that you can never grow or prank a friend by making them look ridiculously funny and then add that crafty piece to their stocking this year.

This is a fun idea to have a foldable you hang out on your desk and to have everyone be in awe of, well you.

Written by Rocco Penn

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