Facebook encourages page owners to share the Holiday Season

Rocco Penn December 17 Facebook

As we have one week left before the climactic arrival of the Holiday Season finale, we must begin sharing our information as businesses to our audiences and help them understand how you are planning on spending the Holidays so they can conform to your hours of service.

Facebook is currently encouraging Facebook owners to share their Holidays with their Facebook audience which can range from your Holiday Party pictures to your Holiday store hours and incorporate the Holiday spirit on your page. It is a fantastic way to spread any Holiday fundraisers or charities you or your business is taking part within your local community and a joy to show that your moods are merry and bright.

This is the season in which many gather their families together to share traditions of years gone past and introduce them to new lives that will carry traditions into the future; yet another great question you can ask your audience to help them remain amped up during the last week of the Holiday Season and have them caroling till the very night of Christmas Day.

Written by Rocco Penn

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