Have your DVD’s rise with the Dark Knight bookshelves

Handmade Dark Knight bookshelves

Yes we are aware that these are bookshelves which are meant for actual books, but many of us are now reading from tablets, smartphones and e-readers that although it would look great to have perhaps some of our old books hanging on the wall, it would be sort of a waste when we could use it to display our beloved DVD’s.

The two bookshelves that make the famous Batman logo when placed together have the dimensions of 22 x 32 inch / 56 x 82 cm which can hold a decent amount of DVD’s since they are basically the same size as a book, except thinner, which can probably allow for more room if placed strategically right.

These Dark Knight bookshelves based on the popular franchise of Nolanverse Batman could most likely hold some of your games if you’d prefer or mix it up with books, DVD’s and games to make for an epic entertainment area and display. Another decent part is that it is a space saver which allots more area room since this hangs on the wall unlike traditional bookshelves and obviously has a unique look to it for the Batman fans and collectors to enjoy.

Each Dark Knight Batman bookshelves are custom made to order so each will truly be uniquely made just for you.

By Rocco Penn

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