How to boost your wifi connection with a beer can

Can for WiFi

Whether you’re working hard or hardly working, the Internet is needed for a lot of what you do—from researching for a paper to distracting yourself on YouTube.  But nothing cuts into your web use quite like the pain of slow connectivity.  If you’re like most people living in the Internet age, chances are you access the web a great deal each day, and you’ve probably also been faced with the annoyance of a slow wireless connection.

Unfortunately, if you’re not a total tech wizard, it can start to seem like your only option is to live with the frustrating circumstances of waiting ten minutes for a page to load.  But before you resign yourself to a life of staring at a slow-loading screen, try having a little confidence—repairing your slow wireless connection may be more simple than you realize.

The following video, brought to you by Hack College, demonstrates that in reality, you don’t need to be a wireless guru or Internet provider serviceman: You just need a little ingenuity.  Trying a few simple tips, tricks and hacks will take you from a sloth-speed connection to the fastest wireless access you’ve ever seen.  Maybe you’ve struggled with slow Internet for years, and maybe you just want to see if you can get your wireless speed to the next level; either way, these helpful hacks will have you zipping through the World Wide Web at top speed before you can say “Charlie bit me.”  Check out the video and maximize your wireless potential!


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