Prop replica of Back to the Future hoverboard

Prop replica of Back to the Future hoverboard
Erin Ryan December 13 Gadgets

Any 80’s kid is familiar with the movie “Back to the Future”, the classic film starring the well-known and beloved actor Michael J. Fox as he traveled through time and shared the screen with many technological props that at that time blew our minds.

One of them being that of the hoverboard, boy, this was one envied item that all kids during that decade wished they could own and although those kids are now adults, they now can actually own a prop replica of the Back to the Future hoverboard.

Mattel along with the special effects supervisor, producers and approval from Universal Studies from the original films have concocted a hoverboard that is constructed from the best features of the entire prop hoverboards used in the trilogy.

“I’d pay good money to get a hold of that,” said Billy Simpkin at Hollenbeck Skate Plaza. “That thing rocks!”

The 1:1 hoverboard measures approximately 28″ x 8″ x 3″ and includes the authentic “whooshing” sound and will glide over leveled surfaces. The décor is that of the one in the film and crafted from 30 prop replicas to produce to the public their very own version.

Of course, true hovering technology is not officially here yet (we have a few more years to go) but this is a piece of many childhood memories that we can now bring into our homes and FINALLY be like Marty, at least for a little while, that is until we travel back into reality.

Written by Erin Ryan

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