What is the verdict will the world end tomorrow?

What is the verdict will the world end tomorrow

It is the eve to what the Mayans have stated will be the end of the world tomorrow; do you believe this to be true? I am not sure if I should laugh at the theory or stock up on cans of beans and build a make-shift shelter in the basement in case it happens and I do survive.

I have always been fascinated in the way Hollywood makes the end of the world look on the big screen and have often wondered if that is what it would look like, but then again, I guess I wouldn’t be around to see it now would I?

I have seen a variety of mixed thoughts on tomorrow’s possible doom and wonder what you thought; do you think the Mayans are right? Have you prepared in case you survive or do you laugh it off as if it is the craziest thing you have ever heard?

It sure is an eerie feeling to think that today could be our last day, but then, isn’t technically every day that way? We are never guaranteed tomorrow, ever. I guess though, today acts as a good reminder to not take anything for granted and to prepare for the worst and live everyday as if it were your last, especially today.

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Written by Connor Livingston

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