80s boomboxes return with elegant, portable design


Those of us old enough to remember the somewhat-cool-but-mostly-annoying boomboxes that were carries on streets, across playgrounds, and on public transportation during the 80s can experience the portable music machines all over again in the form of the Boompack by givingshape. It’s a ghetto blaster for a new generation that has grown up more secluded (and polite) with their musical enjoyment through smaller devices with earbuds.

Bigger is better with the Boompack as it boasts 8 speakers, 100 watt sound power, and 32Gb of internal memory, plenty to store as many Beastie Boys or Def Leopard tracks as one might hope to share. Armed with shoulder straps and shielded inside a water- and impact-resistant composite case, the party can go anywhere the owner goes while still delivering the sounds to everyone within earshot. Check out some of the design specs and images:




By Lorie Wimble

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