A mobile pen to translate words

mobile quicktionary translate words

We all love books and some are not ready to transfer completely over to audio book downloads quite yet or perhaps the book is not available in audio, either way one pet peeve is reading a book and coming across a word you do not know or understand. Pulling out a dictionary is not quite as glamorous as it once was and when studying for a test the last thing you need is to lug around another book.

The Quicktionary mobile pen will translate not only the word you scan but the entire sentence too if needed, to understand the word in its proper context. The pen also comes with storable memory for other dictionaries you would like stored on the device and it has the ability to scan, store and transfer to your PC up to 20,000 lines of text.

The Quicktionary is also ideal for those who want to learn a new language or perhaps want to read a book that is in a different language, the Quicktionary quickly becomes your translator and helps in your reading and in expanding your vocabulary.

mobile pen to translate words


Written by Connor Livingston

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