Apple's remarkable run

Apple is winning and winning big—not only in the U.S., but throughout the world. The company is building one of the most stunning financial runs in the history of corporate America. Over 365,000,000 Apple devices have been sold just within the past five years. Apple rakes in $4 billion in monthly profit—not too shabby. Why has Apple been so successful? The answer can be pinpointed to a combination of three forces.

Apples thrives when it comes to innovation. The company’s late co-founder and CEO, Steve Jobs, once said, “Skate to where the puck will be.” Apple’s iPad has introduced new PC tablet products to the market and has reshaped the tradition of reading paper based newspaper.

Apple also knows how to seize on various opportunities. Half of all Americans now own a smartphone, and Apple has capitalized by creating a huge library of mobile apps, creating the “App Economy.” Apple has masterfully extended its market into Asia, which brings into the picture hundreds of millions of new consumers.

Execution is key, and Apple knows how to deliver here. The corporate giant knows its customers well, wins customer appeal with marketing, has mastered impulse in people. Tim Cook, Apple’s new CEO, has a responsibility to execute Jobs’ vision.

Do you own any Apple products? How do you feel about the company in general? Please share your thoughts in the comments section and check out the infograpic below presented by CaliforniaPhoneLookup to learn more about Apple’s stunning run!

Written by Brian Wallace

Brian Wallace is the President of NowSourcing, Inc., a premier social media firm specializing in infographic design, development and content marketing promotion. The company is based in Louisville, KY and works with companies that range from small business to Fortune 500.

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