End the vertical video madness

Vertical Videos

There was a faux-PSA posted last year that was enjoyable to watch but that rang a truth within its contents. Vertical videos, most often created on smartphones when the user captures video holding the camera vertically rather than horizontally, have continued to spread on YouTube and across the internet.

The wonders of mobile technology have helped to increase the number of videos being recorded every day by a mile and the expansion of YouTube and other video services makes distributing these videos as easy as pressing a couple of buttons. Unfortunately, the quality of the videos are diminished as a result when shot vertically because the screens are almost always horizontal, YouTube is horizontal, and as the video below points out, our eyes are horizontal.

First, check out the parody video that ran June, 2012, then the shot by my good buddy John Boitnott of me as I embarrass myself on Google Campus riding one of their bikes in a shirt and tie.




By JD Rucker

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