Nuclear blizzard strikes Pennsylvania

Nuclear Power Plant

There’s probably nothing to worry about. It’s just an unexpected weather phenomenon created by man-made nuclear cooling technology mixed with bitterly cold temperatures. Still, there’s something a little disconcerting about snow falling down on you that came from the warm, moist air emerging from a nuclear power plant.

Band of snow

“Not to worry though, this snow should not contain elevated levels of radiation, and poses no danger to public health.”

That’s what happened over parts of Pennsylvania yesterday. When the air from the cooling towers rose into the atmosphere, it was cooled quickly and became ice, falling to the ground as what’s called lake-effect snow. The vapors were blown east and formed a snow area two miles wide and 30 miles long.

Here’s the full interview with meteorologist Rich Kane as he tells us there’s nothing to worry about. Nothing to see here, just a nuclear blizzard.

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