RIM's last stand

Star Trek Nero

Fans who are still holding to hope for Research in Motion‘s revival through BlackBerry 10 devices due to be introduced later this month will be happy to note that they are planning to take on Nero’s approach in the final scenes of Star Trek.

“Fire everything!”

Questions have been asked about the company’s future and the viability of their once-proud BlackBerry line. Will it be priced in the high, middle, or low range? Will they be all-touch or will they have sliding or front-facing keyboards? Will it keep its roots as a business phone or will it branch out and become something that anyone would be proud to use.

Their answer to all of these questions so far: “Yes.”

This is it for the company, plain and simple. They are either going to survive based upon the popularity of the BlackBerry 10 line or will die if it doesn’t resonate. They plan on releasing at least six phones in 2013. If those phones aren’t successful, we probably won’t see any releases in 2014.

Will you take a serious look at the BB10s?

In case you’re not familiar with the Nero reference, here’s a quick, albeit annoying, video:

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Written by Sal McCloskey

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