The trioBike mono: One of the lightest cargo bikes in the world

lightest cargo bikes in the world

One of the biggest issues with transferring from a car to a bicycle (hence cleaner living) is the ability to transport your things or kids to and from where you need to go or be. Sure, traveling on a bicycle in summer weather is fine when all you need to do is show up, but truth is, we have a life we need to tow too. The trioBike mono is ideal for urban living while you run your errands and live your life, you can travel upon one of the world’s lightest cargo bikes.

The trioBike mono is the most tested cargo bike on the market as well as has been deemed to be one of the lightest, weighing all of 31.5 kilos. The maintenance is the same as a standard 2 wheel bicycles so any bike mechanic can fix if ever needed, although all the ball bearings are sealed to prevent water from ruining the trioBike, making it virtually maintenance free.

The cargo space has a foldable seat which can seat two children ages 9 years and up or you can fold the seat to producing more grocery space, making living cleaner in the city more convenient.

Written by Scarlett Madison

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  • At nearly 70 lbs, this bike is in no way one of the lightest cargo bikes available. There are many options that are significantly lighter than this bike, and can haul kids in all weather:

    Yuba Boda Boda (35 lbs)
    CETMA Margo (40 lbs)
    Yuba Mundo (49 lbs)
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    And so on. There are many more. In fact, the cargo bikes that are over this 70 lb threshold are the bakfiets style bikes, and tricycles.