LEGO coffee mug makes java fun again

LEGO Coffee Mug

LEGO Coffee Mug

There was a time when we were kids when drinking coffee was fun. It was such an adult thing to do that we suffered through the harsh taste of black coffee, enjoyed the lightened version filled with cream and sugar, or pretended to be all grown up with our sampling of coffee ice cream. Around that time, we probably also played with LEGO on a regular basis (yes, some of us still do). Now, the two portions of our childhood come together with this LEGO coffee mug.

Fully functional, it allows the owner to add characters, blocks, or other LEGO accessories to our morning cup o’ joe. Create whatever fantasy world you want on your coffee. The only limitation is your imagination and the size in which it suddenly becomes impractical for our imbibing pleasure.



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Via: ThinkGeek

By Scarlett Madison

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