Reminisce with this 22-year old Nintendo customer service training video

NES Mario

NES Mario

There’s something epic about the power of old videos. They can bring us back in time and help us remember how things were in our lives if we were old enough to remember them. If we weren’t old enough (or if you weren’t even born yet in 1991) then they can give you a glimpse into a different era from which your parents existed. Such is the case with this simple training video from Nintendo.

It highlights customer service in an era before Yelp and Google Local Reviews. It isn’t worried about the response from Twitter accounts. Customer service wasn’t being forced on companies back then. You did it because it was the right way to run a business.

The most telling part comes close to the end when the process is described as “effortless” – a word that is simply too risky to be used in today’s judgmental social media world. Check it out:


By Scarlett Madison

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