The Last Barfighter, the beer-pouring arcade game

The Last Beerfighter

There was a time well before PS3 and Xbox 360 that the best games were not on your console or computer but at the arcade, bowling alley, or bar. Technology made the standup arcade game mostly obsolete; we can get better graphics and more engaging play from the comfort of our homes. Bar favorites like Golden Tee and Mortal Combat lost their coin-eating appeal.

McKinney Ad Agency out of Durham, NC, has a 10% rule. The McKinney Ten Percent is a program that encourages employees to use 1/10th of their work time on non-client related projects and as a result, Beercade was born. Created for Big Boss Brewing Company, this fighting arcade game inspired by Street Fighter dispenses beer to the winner of the fights. If there’s one thing that can encourage drinking buddies to go head to head in virtual hand-to-hand combat, it’s the promise of more beer dispensed as the spoils of their wars.

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Written by Connor Livingston

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