You can't eat it, but that doesn't make this sushi made of LEGO less epic

LEGO Sushi

Most people have heard of Iron Chef, the show that pits two master chefs and their teams against each other in a battle of culinary creativity. The get a secret ingredient at the beginning of the show and have one hour to serve up a sudden masterpiece to the judges. The Flickr version of this is Iron Builder which takes the rules of Iron Chef and spins them on their heads to fit in with LEGO creations.

According to the Flickr page, here are the rules:

The basic rules of the contest require that the two builder’s receive a batch of the ‘secret ingredient’ part. In this case, the Bionicle Tridax Pod Half. The two builders have one month to produce as many high end builds as possible to submit to the panel of judges.

One of the entries so far into this month’s competition is the sushi block above. Check out the “Giant Centipede Roll” below.

Giant Centipede Roll
Written by Connor Livingston

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