5 things American Idol can teach businesses about social media

American Idol

American Idol

There are a lot of ways that Hollywood has changed the way we use the internet. On one side, the internet is an incredible well of knowledge and innovation, a place of creativity, inspiration, and easy communication. There is no question that the internet has, for better or for worse, morphed the way we view ourselves and our place in society. Consequentially, it has also changed entertainment, marketing, and networking.

Alongside the innovations of the internet and of new technology are the innovators who use these tools and give them purpose. There is no point in having this technology if no one is going to use it. And that’s the beauty of it– anyone can get their hands on the tools and information technology has to offer. One major player in the world of technology, of course, is Hollywood. Television and movie studios are constantly finding new ways to integrate the internet, social media, and smartphone apps into the promotion of their content. The methods they use are often simple and imaginative, and any business can adopt these tools.


Finding new means of promotion

A great model for integrating social media into a program is American Idol. With 12 seasons and holding the attention of their massive audience that entire time, there are certainly things to take away from their example. Here are some social media tools that any business or brand can extract from the American Idol model:

  • Audience Interaction: American Idol is known for including its audience. The audience feels like they’re just as much a part of the show as the performers or the judges, since it’s their opinion that decides whether a contestant goes home or continues in the competition. Encouraging at-home viewers to call in with their votes is a genius marketing tool. It’s a simple way for the viewer to feel involved and it keeps them involved week to week. Any way that a business can use social media to elicit a response from their audience, ask for their opinion or have them make a decision for the company, it will strengthen the connection between business and customer.
  • Web Exclusives: Many movies and TV shows do this, where they release exclusive bonus content only on the web. This brings viewers to the website or social media sites and rewards them with more of the content they love. It not only expands the experience, but it gives the show, movie, or company another setting to grab their audience’s attention.
  • Hashtags: It’s typical now for shows and movies to post an official hashtag in the corner of the screen. Creating a hashtag is just one more way to get people talking about the content, this time on Twitter, and lets them find other people who are watching. It’s a great way to get people talking and in doing so create a buzz about the show or business.
  • Keeping up with Social Media Profiles: It might seem obvious, but if someone is creating a hashtag for their brand, it’s important to have someone maintaining the Twitter account. If people are talking about a show or a business, they want that entity to respond and interact with them. Asking an audience to be present online only works if the company is going to be there, too.
  • Explore New Social Media Sites: There are a few major go-to’s for social media: the big ones like Facebook and Twitter, of course, much like Myspace in its heyday. While there are certainly benefits of keeping up with those major social media sites, staying in the loop with the newest trends is just as important. More and more businesses are making their way to sites like


By Drew Hendricks

Drew Hendricks is an SEO and Social Media specialist living in Seattle, Washington. Drew writes words that people enjoy reading every moment they are awake.

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