It's not just a Ferrari. It's LaFerrari.


Unlike its other supercar competitors, Ferrari does not come out with many big announcements. They pace it at around 1 or 2 per decade. This decade, we get LaFerrari, unveiled yesterday at the 83rd International Motor Show in Geneva.

Move aside, Enzo. We have something even hotter now.

This is a different car for the Prancing Horses carmaker for several reasons. First, the name. It’s not using the make/model naming protocol that every other car uses. There’s a Lamborghini Aventador or a Bugatti Veyron, for example, but there’s not Ferrari LaFerrari. It’s just “LaFerrari” – no spaces, no need to call it a Ferrari LaFerrari. Don’t worry. There’s no chance that you’ll confuse it with any other car in the world, especially when it’s sporting the classic hot red.

It’s not just the name that’s different. It has a few innovations that make it even more unique than it looks. It gets 161 of its 949HP from an electric motor enhancement system attached to its 7-speed automated transaxle. That’s right. It’s a hybrid. It delivers over 650 foot pounds of torque to go with the ponies. This combined with its waif-like 2,800 pound curb weight make it the fastest Ferrari ever, beating the track record at it’s Fiorano, Italy testing ground by 3 seconds. The record was held by the Ferrari F12.

One of the neat features that you’ll notice in the video below is the full adjustment capabilities of the pedal and the steering wheel. It may seem exaggerated until you learn that this is done out of necessity. The seats are molded directly into the tub of the cockpit itself. You can’t adjust the seats to bring you to the steering wheel and pedals, so you have to bring them to fit where you rest in the seat.

Check out the launch video from Ferrari followed by several images of the beast.

YouTube Preview Image
LaFerrari Front
LaFerrari Top
LaFerrari Interior
LaFerrari Back
LaFerrari Team
Written by Louie Baur

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