Power up while working out your forearms with these crank powered gadgets

Hand Crank Emergency Cell Phone Charger

If the zombies come, you’ll be thankful for using hand-cranked gadgets for two reason. First, you’ll have electrical power wherever you go, even if you’re running from one of those faster zombies. More importantly, it strengthens your hatchet-hurling hand and club swingers to make you more effective at zombie hunting.

For those who aren’t as concerned about zombies as they are about having emergency backup power for their various devices, here are a handful of cool ones that can keep you going in case of disaster or simply when traveling in places without convenient outlets.


The Hand Crank Emergency Cell Phone Charger

The Hand Crank Emergency Cell Phone Charger

The way that most of society is dependent on our mobile devices makes the need for power a constant struggle. Anyone who has been to a conference, traveled abroad, or ran out of juice while playing Angry Birds on a plane has probably experienced a need for power. Hammacher Schlemmer has one that can work. It delivers a 30-second burst of emergency power for every minute of hand cranking.


Goal Zero Torch Solar Crank Flashlight

Goal Zero Torch Rechargeable Flashlight

It’s not just a flashlight. It’s a torch. The LED flashlight doesn’t just have a crank. It has a dynamo crank. It isn’t just crank powered, either. It can be charged via a solar panel as well as plugging it into a wall socket. Goal Zero has lots of options for keeping your nights lit up.


CC Solar Observer AM/FM/Weather Windup Emergency Radio

CC Solar Observer AM-FM-Weather Windup Emergency Radio

In emergencies, one of the most important assets is information. Being able to get that information through the radio can be the difference between life and death. C. Crane company has been building crank radios since before Y2K and should be able to put out a good product for the foreseeable future.


The Pocket Socket Hand Crank Charger

The Pocket Socket Hand Crank Charger

Sometimes, you just need power, period. Not everything needs it’s own hand crank device. The K-Tor Pocket Socket is good for whatever has a normal US plug.


Hand Cranked Cars

Hand Cranked Cars

Hey, you never know.

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