The iWatch isn't even real yet and there's already a video showing how to improve it

iWatch Concept

Apple certainly knows how to spark innovation outside of itself. Nobody outside of the lowest dungeon levels in Cupertino has any idea what the iWatch will be or if it really will actually become a reality any time soon, but that doesn’t stop artists from making concept designs, bloggers from speculating, and YouTube users from improving on it.

One such user is FinalCutKing and the concept they’ve come up with is nothing short of mind blowing. It takes the basics that we assume from a hypothetical iWatch and expands it into the realm of Minority Report and beyond. Check out the video and then see some of the shots of the speculated technologies of this device that they anticipate to come out in 2019:

YouTube Preview Image


iWatch Alarm Clock

iWatch Alarm Clock


iWatch Biometric Security

iWatch Security


iWatch Hologram Interface

iWatch Hologram


iWatch Navigation

iWatch Navigation


iWatch Facetime

iWatch Facetime


iWatch Home Security

iWatch Home Security
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