Volvo active high beam control keeps your brights on without blinding others

Volvo Active High Beam Control

Volvo Active High Beam Control

Turn them on. Turn them off. Turn them on. Turn them off. On busier roads, it gets to the point that toggling between low beam and high beam gets so repetitious that most people just turn them off and go semi-blindly into the night.

Volvo feels your pain. They know that there are times when drivers want to avoid blinding other drivers but still keep a view of sides of the road. With their new Active High Beam Control, drivers can keep their brights on at all times and let the car decide where to block out the beams. As you can see in the visual above, they high beams persist in the view around the car but keeps the driver in the car in front of you from being blinded.

According to AutoInTheNews:

Volvo is developing Active High Beam Control, a combination of a sensor as well as light blocking mechanisms that know where cars are both in front as well as to the side. When a car is seen by the sensor, it blocks the high beams in that particular area without turning the high beams off altogether.

Here’s what Volvo has to show about this.


Volvo High Beams

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