26 key points to know prior to building a website

Website Development

So, you’re considering building a new website. You have an idea for a product, you’re starting a new company, or you’ve been charged with taking your 2002 antiquated website and modernizing it. The challenges you’ll face are many. The list of consolidated resources are few. There are schools dedicated to helping people to develop a website but you simply don’t have the time to go back to school.

There’s nothing to worry about. Pixaal has a checklist for you. Granted, it doesn’t actually show you how to do any of the things you need such as creating a site map or deciding what sort of buttons you need, but at least it will give you the scope of concepts that you must consider before starting the process. Thankfully, this infographic combined with Google and a little reading should be enough to get your website up and running at a high level.

Here’s the list, followed by the visualization of the list.

  1. Domain
  2. Hosting
  3. Tech
  4. Purpose
  5. Layout & Color
  6. Site Map
  7. Content
  8. Audience
  9. Advertisement
  10. Pop Up Message
  11. Attractive Design
  12. Buttons
  13. Background
  14. Image
  15. Easy Navigation
  16. Unique
  17. Fresh
  18. Optimized
  19. Cross Browser
  20. Screen Resolution
  21. Social Media
  22. Typography
  23. Registration
  24. Tracking and Analytics
  25. Provide Security
  26. Footer
Website Development Infographic
Written by Scarlett Madison

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