3 additive mobile games developed to test your I.Q.


The world of apps and Smartphone’s primarily started off with Apple’s iPhone in June 2007, with Google soon following up with the Android OS. At that time, the South Asian market was full of old school mobile phones, and the co-called Symbian Smartphone’s. For the common user, colored screens and polyphonic ringtones were the best that our market had to offer.

However, it’s a different story today. These days we can get our hands on the touch-based Smartphone’s by spending almost the same amount that bought us a colored-screen polyphonic ringtone phone back in the day.

There are thousands of games of games available for touch phones built by companies belonging to every region of the globe, and it is certainly heart-warming to know that local companies has also contributed to the list. I did a bit of research and found some mobile games that are definitely worth playing.


Candy Pot

Developed by pi Labs, this game introduces us to ‘’TinTin’’, a cute little pot that likes so much candies. The objective of the game is to feed TinTin by creating and clearing a path for candies to drop from above. This physics-based game engages the players in different puzzle-like scenarios, and believes me when I say that to excel at some the levels; you will have to really make your brain cells work. However, the game is forgiving enough to let you try your luck time and again; it even gives some hints.

All in all, with some amazing graphics combined with cool music/sound-effects and awesome game play, I found this game to be fun, cute and very additive.  The only thing that I hold against it is that this game is only available on iOS.


Fishing Frenzy                                    

We can go fishing in this game designed and developed by Tintash and Algotrek. The objective is to catch as many fish in a given time, while making sure not to catch electric eels, which can give quite a bit of shock! The device’s accelerometer is used to control the fishing reel and the boat which makes the game play quite interesting.

I found the graphics to be alright, but the sound and physics are great. This game has been around for couple of years and is only available on iOS devices.


Super Mario

This game is developed by Nintendo and it’s an I.Q base very interesting game for every age of people. Super Mario Bros games are very popular among every one nowadays. The graphics and sound effects are fantastic. I would recommend this game to all of my readers who are reading this article. This game has been around for many years and is available on most of the mobile devices.

Written by Imtiaz Ali

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