Age 3 marked as milestone in media usage

iPad Baby

iPad Baby

You have a couple of choices here. You can either mark this down as part of the advancement of society, one that heralds a shift for this generation to truly grow to be the fully digital age. The other option is to toss this into the WTH bin and weep for a generation of children that are growing too dependent on technology.

A recent Ipso study shows that the first major milestone for digital media usage is now at three years old, a time when most children are still mastering the art of walking. Researchers have surmised that human babies are extremely receptive to digital stimuli and are able to figure out how to maneuver through an iPad faster than they can grasp how to piece together a proper LEGO creation. It is alarming to some and enlightening to others depending on which side of the “technology is good for kids” fence you’re on.

If you’re on the side that embraces these changes as good for society and the children that will someday run it, here’s a quick infographic guide that breaks down the various milestones and highlights ways to make the digital journey of children more productive.

Raising Kids in a Digital World Infographic


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