Alexander Polli flies his wingsuit through a tiny hole at 155 MPH

Alexander Polli

Alexander Polli

It’s unlikely that a professional wingsuit maniac Alexander Polli had anything other than adrenalin and testosterone flowing around him when he went through the tiny hole in the video below, but watching it might make you mess your own pants. It’s that insane.

While not purely technological as we normally post here on TECHi, this is a video that’s worth noting because of the amazing things humans have been able to do when technology is involved. In recent years, the wingsuit has received both a ton of attention on YouTube as well as a miniature industry that some of the brightest minds in design and engineering have migrated towards in order to keep their geeky talents as cool as humanly possible.

As you’ll see in the video below, the hole that they select for the stunt seems pretty large. As Polli examines it close up, it doesn’t seem so bad. All of that changes once you get the bird’s eye view. At 155 MPH, the hole seems very, very small. Check him out in the video followed by several images from the stunt itself.


Alexander Polli Pre Jump


Test Jump

The Approach

Getting Close

Flying Through

At the Entrance

By Louie Baur

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