Golf just went geek with hovercraft golf cart

Hovercraft Golf Cart

Golf is a game of the affluent. It’s a game of manners. It’s a game of pomp and circumstance. It’s a game of skill and more physical aptitude than most realize. Now, it can be a game of geeks.

Granted, they still have to be affluent geeks if they want to cruise through 18 holes on the hovercraft golf cart that golfer Bubba Watson and his sponsors at Oakley created.

“Bubba’s Hover”, as Oakley is marketing it, looks like more fun than a putting green to golfers and non-golfers alike. Water hazard? No problem. Hover right over it.

“It takes you everywhere you want to go,” Watson said. “Through sand traps, through water, short cuts into the woods and out of the woods. And my ball likes to go in and out of the woods.”

With a footprint of about 33 times less than a human foot, it overcomes most of the challenges associated with standard golf carts. Rain or no rain, this vehicle can go anywhere on the course without leaving an impression that can affect the game.

Check it out in action followed by some awesome photos courtesy of Oakley.

YouTube Preview Image
Bubba's Hovercraft 1
Bubba's Hovercraft 2
Bubba's Hovercraft 4
Bubba's Hovercraft 5
Bubba's Hovercraft 6
Written by Lorie Wimble

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