3 years after Deepwater Horizon disaster, BP turns focus towards future of American energy

Deepwater Horizon Explosion

Deepwater Horizon Explosion

On April 20, 2010, the world watched in desperate shock as the Deepwater Horizon oil rig was engulfed in flames. Over the next three months, oil filled the Gulf of Mexico from the seabed below, causing ecological damage that some say will never be fully healed.

Today, BP, the company that has been held responsible for the disaster, is trying to focus on the future. The British company is turning its attention towards achieving domestic goodwill in America by pointing to a bright future of more renewable energy, less dependence on imported oil, and a stronger economy as a result of both. Will people buy it?

Thankfully for them, time has healed many of the public relations wounds that they suffered from the disaster. They are still generally perceived by the population as a “bad” company according to a seven month old poll, but they are making progress. The question that surrounds the video below is whether or not their peachy perception of the future is realistic and achievable or simply a way to attach their brand to a measure of hope. As part of the world pushes for improved environmental standards, other parts of society still cling to destructive habits and antiquated energy measures.

According to a page they created dedicated to their energy outlook for 2030:

We hope that sharing this outlook contributes to the wider debate on global energy issues. It identifies long-term energy trends, building on our Statistical Review of World Energy, and then develops projections for world energy markets to 2030, taking account of the potential evolution of the world economy, policy, and technology.

Is the future really as green as BP wants us to believe. You be the judge:


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