Amazon's planned office in downtown Seattle includes massive biodomes

Seattle Amazon Biodomes

Plants. That’s going to be the secret weapon for Amazon if they get their way in Seattle as their plans (pdf) include three massive biodomes in the front yard of their proposed skyscraper offices in the downtown area at 7th Avenue and Westlake. In essence, it would be their own miniature version of an Amazon rain forest, only the rain would be left on the outside of the domes.

According to the proposal which is being reviewed by the Design Review Board, “In addition to a variety of workplace environments, the facility will incorporate dining, meeting and lounge spaces, as well as a variety of botanical zones modeled on montane ecologies found around the globe. The building will be anchored at either end by publicly accessible retail spaces entered from 6th and 7th Avenues.”

If approved, the move won’t be difficult. They’re only transferring from a few blocks away. Behind the biodomes will be their primary campus, three 37-story towers with 3.3 million square feet of office space.

Here are some images from their proposal:

Amazon Proposed Offices
Three Biodomes Amazon
Amazon Domes Seattle
Amazon Bio Spheres
Amazon Seattle Towers
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