Design creativity: "Infographic on Coffee Cup"

Coffee Beans Bag

Coffee isn’t exactly a technology topic that we would normally cover, but when it’s the subject of an infographic that was creatively placed on a Starbucks sleeve, it qualifies as something interesting enough to post. desiger Raj Kamal put this little graphic together. This isn’t an official Starbucks infographic, but it should be. As the designer said, “I am an infographist who has nothing better to do, but to annoy everyone around me.”

We’re definitely not annoyed. In fact, we’re pretty impressed. Here’s the original graphic as it was put together followed by an enlarged and vertical version to make it easier to read. Be sure to have a cup handy before checking it out.

Starbucks Coffee Infographic Original
Starbucks Coffee Infographic
Written by Connor Livingston

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