4 Microsoft innovations that people actually like



You probably don’t love everything that Microsoft has put out. In fact, a lot of people look at Microsoft as a completely out of touch company; however, they do still have some classic gems.

Here are 4 Microsoft innovations that people actually like:


1. The Surface Tablet

Surface Tablet

Ever since Apple launched the iPad in 2010, the tablet market has exploded. People love having a supplement between a laptop and a smartphone, and many innovations have sprung up because of the device’s popularity. They’re great for business, and they’re also awesome for play; however, they’ve been lacking the ability to perform with the same power as a computer or laptop. That is, until Microsoft released the Surface tablet. This is a great gadget. It’s tiny, with a touch-screen tablet face, as well as a snap-on keyboard.

Windows bet big on Windows 8 to work seamlessly across both their desktop and Surface ecosystems. While the idea has resulted in lukewarm responses in regards to the desktop interface, Windows 8 has proved to be a more than satisfactory experience on the tablet side of things. It’s going to take time, but just like the Xbox, Microsoft is in it for the long haul on this one. The Surface line only stands to improve as more people come into the market.


2. Microsoft Sync

Microsoft Sync

Recently, Microsoft and Ford have paired up to bring you Sync. In many new cars you can use apps on your phone via voice activation. This means you don’t have to worry about picking up your phone if it rings. Additionally, depending on the package you choose, you can also use apps like Pandora or even start turn-by-turn directions without ever touching your phone or taking your eyes off the road. This is a big deal for many drivers and may end up cutting down driver distractions.


3. Xbox 360

Xbox 360

Despite Microsoft’s poor messaging regarding the Xbox One’s DRM policies (which they have since distanced themselves from), the Xbox 360 is still one of the highest selling media devices on the market. As of April, Forbes reported that Microsoft has a subscriber base of 46 million out of the total of 77 million total Xbox 360 units sold. That’s a decent market share considering the competitiveness of the industry. Although we are at the tail end of this console generation, the Xbox 360 still remains a very profitable and highly regarded product in the consumer electronics space.

4. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office

We can’t talk about Microsoft innovations without talking about Office. This is a huge product for the company. Nearly every computer in every office uses the software. It’s become so popular that it’s not only available on Windows devices anymore, but also on Apple’s OS and iOS.

From creating Word documents to PowerPoint presentations, this software is used and loved all over the world. Other companies have tried to get into this market, but for some reason they just aren’t able to make it work the way Microsoft does. The sleek look of Office 13 has a lot of people loving it even more.

We all get it — Microsoft does a lot of bad things. They don’t always seem to care what the consumer thinks, and they tend to make decisions that leave a lot of us scratching our heads. Yet, today, Microsoft remains an industry leader.

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Surface image via Flickr by Orde Saunders.

By Miles Young

Miles Young is a freelance writer interested in travel, tech and emerging industry trends. You can follow him @MrMilesYoung on twitter.

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