Don’t forget: best apps to help you remember everything



One of the challenges of living in the Information Age is managing all that information. With notices about important dates, meetings and events scattered across so many platforms, from email and text messages to social media posts and old-fashioned appointment books, it’s easy to lose track of the stuff that matters.

Thankfully, there are plenty of mobile applications out there to keep you up-to-date, minus all the hassle of juggling multiple sources of information.



Afraid of forgetting birthdays? Cleverbug‘s got you covered. This app syncs with your Facebook account to tap into its birthday alert system. When one of your Facebook friends has a birthday coming up, the app will drop you line and give you the opportunity to create a custom card using pictures from your own albums.

You can even ask Cleverbug to print and mail the custom card in time for the occasion.



It’s the oldest story in the book: your schedule is hectic, you’re running late and wouldn’t you know it, you’ve lost your keys. Hone is a great peripheral/app combination that makes finding lost keys as easy as the push of a button.

The Hone bluetooth device is a simple key chain attachment that will buzz, beep and light up when remotely activated by the smartphone app. Hone uses these indicators to tell you how close you are to your quarry, too, with simple feedback. Though it was designed with keys in mind, this app is easy to adapt to other commonly lost items.


RX Pal

Keeping track of your medication schedule and the schedules of your loved ones can be difficult over the course of a busy day. RX Pal is an app that covers all the bases. You can set custom alerts for multiple medications and people, making it easy to keep tabs on who needs to take what and when.

The app is also easy to sync with any online pharmacy, letting you know when your prescription is running low and allowing you to buy refills quickly.


Call Tools

This handy app makes taking notes and setting appointments a regular, streamlined procedure after every call. After you end a call, Call Tools prompts you to take a variety of actions while your memory of the call is still fresh. The app allows you to make immediate notes about the call, create or add to a to-do list, set an appointment and compose a new message by email or SMS.

Call Tools is handy for personal use as well as in business environments that promote BYOD and coexisting devices so you won’t have to scramble with multiple calendars.



This is one of the most robust to-do list apps on the market. Astrid not only lets you create and modify lists, it also integrates info from multiple sources in the cloud to keep you 100 percent synced. It can access your calendars on other platforms and fold in tasks from elsewhere, as well as letting you set priority alerts and create tags for the ultimate in organization.

Don’t just think of your mobile device as a supplemental piece of technology. With the right apps, you can turn your device into the personal assistant of the future. Whether it is the biggest priority or even to remember to get your discount via because the new season of Dexter is coming, these apps can help you remember.

By DJ Miller

DJ is a graduate student at the University of Tampa. He's an avid gadget geek and spends most of his time reading or writing. He is also a huge sports fan and even writes for a fantasy sports advice site.

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