New app brings Likemind-ed people together



A new iOS application is bringing people with common interests together through rather simple and traditional methods. The app Likemind allows users to tear off virtual tabs from virtual flyers that other users post.

While this is quite a few steps ahead of walking around the neighborhood with a stack of flyers and a staple gun, it really isn’t so different. Users post their flyer up, and the first six people that can get their hands on a tab can connect with that person. When the tabs are all gone, so is the flyer. This detail in particular makes Likemind unique, because it limits the number of interactions that a post can have. By limiting each flyer to only six responses, each flyer displays some degree of exclusiveness. Popular flyers cannot simply trump all others, because after six people respond, it disappears. Once the six tabs are gone, the user can either repost the flyer or post a new one. Users can also be blocked if they tear the same tab a second time, which takes away from other users.


What sets Likemind apart from sites like Badoo and Highlight is that you don’t have to be within a certain proximity to someone to connect with them. Also, Likemind is not profile driven. Users don’t create their own profiles for others to see; they only post flyers to attempt interaction.

The app was co-founded by Jens-Philipp Klein, who now acts as the company’s CEO. Klein says that “Allowing each user to receive only six replies at a time helps to limit unwanted levels of attention around popular flyers and also distributes activity evenly across the community.”

So what kind of flyers can somebody post? Well, these aren’t your typical ‘LOST DOG’ or ‘JUNK YOUR CAR’ flyers. People post personal classified ads for whichever kind of person they are looking for. Whether it is looking for somebody to try a new restaurant with, a running partner, or somebody to go see a movie, people with common interests can connect via Likemind, start a chat, and meet in person. Of course, this can also lead to dating, but the app is focused on friendly interaction rather than intimate encounters.

Likemind App

Right now, the application is free, and only available on iOS with an Android version in production. There are add-ons available that cost ‘Likemind Points’ that need to be purchases with real money to enhance your experience, but the basic version gets the job done just the same.

Likemind was founded just last year and is supported by Christophe Maire as well as other private investors. While the company hasn’t released exactly how much they’ve raised, they have said that the profits are in the “six figures” – and that’s in euros! Clearly, this has proven to be a successful social media marketing strategy, so next time you are preparing to go out to eat or see a movie alone, checkout Likemind. Who knows who you will find?!

By Andrew Goodman

Andrew Goodman is currently an Intern at Fishbat, an Internet Marketing Company, as well as a photographer, specializing in wedding photography. He is finishing up his education at Stony Brook University, where he majors in Applied Mathematics & Statistics and minors in Journalism. He is a huge New York Mets fan, and enjoys spending time with his family and fraternity brothers.

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