RIAA hits milestone: 25 million Google takedowns


Despite massive public disapproval, questionable techniques, disingenuous motives, and disputed effectiveness, the RIAA continues to plod along in their quest to keep music locked up.

After their latest round of copyright takedown notices sent to Google, the request total has eclipsed the 25 million mark making them the top claimant of DMCA notices for the music industry.

According to TorrentFreak:

Today’s development bumps the RIAA into second spot in the all-time Google notice-senders’ chart, ahead of third-placed BPI with 24.3 million URLs taken down. The king of the hill is Indian anti-piracy outfit Degban with around 28.5 million. In fourth place sits US-based MarkMonitor, owner of “six strikes” monitoring company DtecNet.

Here’s the breakdown:

Takedown Reports
Written by Scarlett Madison

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  • Edwin

    Although I got rid of all my file-sharing programs as well as all the mp3s I’ve downloaded and shared some time ago to avoid being implicated in some sort of federal crackdown on piracy, I still think the RIAA are a bunch of Ridiculously Idiotic Asinine Asspipes! I don’t apologize for any of music I’ve obtained for free or shared through Limewire or any of those other software. I don’t listen to today’s music because it’s complete crap, including that little no-talent-having ass clown Justin Bieber and that so called horse shit he calls music. Both he and the RIAA can come over here and suck my big fat horny dick! Jammie Thomas-Rasset is my hero for not doing a campaign! Fight the Power!